The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.


As a result of its volume growth, the entire pharmaceutical packaging market is extremely attractive, despite having exceptionally demanding regulations, creating a challenge that constitutes packaging machinery for the pharmaceutical industry a fundamental element within the sector.

Mespack has unique pharmaceutical packaging equipment that allows our customers to remain a step ahead of their competitors. Our range of packaging machines strictly complies with the regulations of pharmaceutical product target countries. We work together with manufacturers in order to achieve maximum quality and safety standards.

There are various attributes of our machinery that keep us distinguished in the market, which include:

Desired Shapes

A variety of packs are available, depending on the demands of the customer: bottle shaped stock packs, stick packs with two or more products, twin stick packs, three or four-sealed sachets, among others. The best suitable machine range for this sector is H Series, especially the H170 and H320 models, remarkable for its modularity, flexibility and capability of producing various shapes of packaging.

Dosing, Coding, and Cleaning (ATEX, Machine, and Film)

Our machines are equipped with multiple dosing system configurations as well as special motorized systems for easy cleaning. Furthermore, other options can be installed upon request, which include full-servo systems, ATEX compliance, laminar flow, a film sterilization system, laser coders, scorers, among others.

Product Safety

Packaging is an essential aspect of the pharmaceutical industry, as it is necessary to protectmedicines from exposed risks. Therefore, we offer comprehensive packaging solutions that protect pharmaceutical products, preserve, store, and even keep the product safe from the external environment. Furthermore, our solutions extend the life of the product.

21CFR Compliance

We offer our complete Mespack Athena package with 21 CFR Part 11 integrated into your machine, thus meeting the FDA requirements with which companies must comply when using computerized systems.

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