Mespack and Cloud joining forces

Mespack and Cloud Packaging Solutions, two of the world’s leading companies serving the flexible packaging industry, have joined forces, providing tailored-made integrated packaging solutions for consumers packaged goods.
Cloud, now renamed Mespack-Cloud, extends their flexible packaging technology and product expertise for high speed packaging of sachets and water soluble pods to Mespack.

Enabling Green Packaging
for a Green World

At Mespack, we are strongly committed to developing innovative equipment for sustainable packaging solutions in order to preserve the environment and assist our customers in the pursuit of their goals. As a principal role player in the flexible packaging industry, we develop new technology for our packaging machinery, thus integrating sustainable materials to drive flexible packaging to the circular economy. We want to walk this journey beside our customers, giving them, together with our key partners, the best in recyclable, recycled, and biodegradable packaging.

Mespack Athena,
The Digital Platform

We have developed Mespack Athena, a control suite platform that performs functions from machine control to data analytics. It is designed to help our customers acquire having better control over the packaging processes, making them more efficient, as a result of analyzing the generated data in real-time, thus allowing for wiser business decisions to be made. Mespack has developed two solutions for data storage, which depend on customer’s requirements: on-premise and on-cloud. 

  • Analyzes data in detail to increase production KPIs
  • Reduction of TCO
  • In On-Cloud, data is available everywhere at anytime
  • Identifies Trends 
  • Three type of packages available now!

Mespack Services

Your Needs, Our Goals

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