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UHS ServOriginal

The Market's fastest continuous motion solution for flat pouch

Mespack ServOriginal is 25% faster than any other HFFS machine on the market and is designed for flexibility. It meets all the requirements when your application needs the ultimate in high speed and high volume. It is the gold standard workhorse, capable of three- or four-sided seals for flat pouches.
Futhermore, the HFFS machine is able to process up to 7200 pouches per minute (25.4mm width). Automatic web splicing is done at zero speed with no line stoppages while Servo motion-controls, the plow assures consistent pouch forming as the material moves onto the vertical sealer.
The possible applications are Oatmeal, Cocoa, Fractional pack coffee, Candies, Cereals, Dried fruit, Powdered cheeses, etc.

Packaging formats

Main standard features

  • Autosplice Unwinder

    Autosplice Unwinder

    Autosplice Unwinder
    An auto-splicer allows the operator to expeditiously splice film, thus minimizing scrap and downtime.
  • Compact footprints
  • Fast, reliable, and high quality results

    Fast, reliable, and high quality results

    Fast, reliable, and high quality results
    It is designed for flexibility and meets all the requirements that your application needs. This machine is the ultimate in high speed and volume. It is the gold standard workhorse and is capable of using three or four sided seals for flat pouches.
  • Full servo version available
  • Full-featured operator’s diagnostic panel
  • Higher throughput for film and product savings
  • highest quality results.
  • Reliable
  • Tool-free changeovers for minimum downtime
  • Up to 98% efficient

    Up to 98% efficient

    Up to 98% efficient
    Based upon product type and packaging requirements, the Mespack team of engineers can customize pouch-filling solution to suit your needs and provide maximum productivity and effectiveness.
  • Uses familiar PLC logic for digital I/O control

Technical specifications

Max. volume400
Output p.p.m.7200
Size max.177.8 x 177.8
Size min.25.4 x 25.4
Filling stations-
A wide range of dosing systems for all types of products on the market. More information
Liquid / Pasty
Perfect close systems for your flexible pouches. More information
Corner Spout
Top Spout
Frontal Spout
Straw Applic.
Let automation to enhance your machine downtime. More information
Automatic Changeover
Quick Changeover
Autosplice Unwinder
Find your perfect fit for all your designs. More information
Die cut (Shaped Pouch)
Tear notch
Hole Punch
Double Scissors
Laser cut
Round edges
One coding system for each project. More information
Thermo transfer
Emboss Code
Do you need a non-bacterial atmosphere? Mespack offers all that you need. More information
Gas Flush
Laminar flow
UV Lamp

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