The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

The Ultra-high speed machines are the market’s fastest continuous motion solutions for the flat pouch, their production goes up to 40% faster than any other equivalent high-Speed machine.

Mespack horizontal  Ultra-High Speed solutions are specially designed for sweetener applications, which can produce small or big flat pouches up to 400 c.c. of volume.  The principal series of this product category include Servoriginal and Performa.

The Performa Series is capable to produce 3-sided seal pouches, it is easy to operate and has easy maintenance, computer controls, a servo drive pouch packaging system for high speed, continuous motion horizontal form, fill and seal applications. It is designed for exact count collations and achieves ultra-accurate fills.

The Servoriginal Series is designed to produce 3 o 4-sided seal pouches with ultra high speed up to 2000 pouches per minute if the pouch width is about 63mm. Furthermore, the full servo technology is integrated into this series.

The possible applications of this kind of machine are oatmeal, cocoa, fractional pack coffee, candies, cereals, dried fruit, powdered cheese, etc.


UHS Performa

The Market's fastest continuous motion solution for small flat pouches.

UHS ServOriginal

The Market's fastest continuous motion solution for big flat pouches.

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