The most flexible and reliable Roberts pre-made pouch solutions

Mespack IMP is an intermittent motion pre-made Fill-Seal Standup pouch solution, which provides a wide variety of packaging options in one base machine. The IMP series delivers extreme flexibility to our customers by being able to accommodate small to large packages, various package styles, automatic fill, manual fill, as well as a combination of packages and numerous other options for specific products.
These solutions are perfect options for companies that want to begin discovering the exciting and growing world of stand up, reclosable package style.

Packaging formats

Main standard features

  • A mechanical system of opening the pouches that increases efficiencies
  • A variety of control/servo combinations
  • Pouch Opening System

    Pouch Opening System

    Pouch Opening System
    The pouch opening system includes Pneumatic actuators and vacuum cups to ensure a good aperture before the filling station.
  • Servo motion for key operating areas
  • Tool-free funnel and baffle changeover

    Tool-free funnel and baffle changeover

    Tool-free funnel and baffle changeover
    This tool-less quick changeover system for funnels and baffles is designed to enhance format change time.
  • Travelling Funnel

    Travelling Funnel

    Travelling Funnel
    Our travelling funnel is used for sucha a continuous as an intermittent motion machines. Ihis system allows to increase the machine speed significantly.

Infeed Conveyor

Our infeed conveyor system include 3-phase motor for destacker and flapper wheels and 3 photoelectric sensors to ensure the position to tranfer into the machine.


The IMP Series run packages holding a few ounces to greater than 12 pounds. The impressive filling options include: multi- head weighing, augers, cup fillers and manual. Customers can also achieve a combination of automatic and manual filling.


The IMP Series is engineered to specific customer needs; accommodating unique package shapes / designs and multiple filing options. IMP Series Machines can adapt to as many additional filing stations as needed.

Technical specifications

Max. volume500010000
Output p.p.m.5045
Size max.305 x 381368 x 381
Size min.101.6 x 152.4101.6 x 203.2
Filling stationsTravelling FunnelsTravelling Funnels
A wide range of dosing systems for all types of products on the market. More information
Liquid / Pasty
Perfect close systems for your flexible pouches. More information
Corner Spout
Top Spout
Frontal Spout
Straw Applic.
Let automation to enhance your machine downtime. More information
Automatic Changeover
Quick Changeover
Autosplice Unwinder
Find your perfect fit for all your designs. More information
Die cut (Shaped Pouch)
Tear notch
Hole Punch
Double Scissors
Laser cut
Round edges
One coding system for each project. More information
Thermo transfer
Emboss Code
Do you need a non-bacterial atmosphere? Mespack offers all that you need. More information
Gas Flush
Laminar flow
UV Lamp

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