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Our Journey

At Mespack we follow the principles of open innovation to design the best solutions regarding innovative packaging for our customers. The entire Mespack team, together with our key customers and partners, work together to develop the most challenging projects.

Innovative Packaging For Our Future World

Innovation is part of the Mespack´s DNA, and in the past years, we have strongly reinforced this commitment by following an innovation roadmap with a clear vision toward the future of flexible packaging. Furthermore, we encourage entrepreneurship within every Mespack team, that adds high value, as a result of their knowledge and years of experience in this sector.

Working On Our Innovative Packaging Solutions Together

The long term committed relationship with our customers and active consistent listening on our part, assist us in understanding their needs, as well as simplifying our solutions to make them more user friendly and state-of-the-art. Consequently, we are able to improve their user experience.

The Mespack Innovation Centre

Although this open innovation philosophy takes place at many numerous geographical points where the essence of Mespack is present, it is physically and visibly represented at our Mespack Innovation Centre (MIC). This centre is an inspirational area where we profoundly labour over projects of recyclable material, automation, digitization, thus optimizing the efficiency of our solutions and developing new projects to expand our current portfolio.

New Project Developments

Continuously, we explore and develop new technologies for innovative packaging, while taking into consideration the needs of our customers. Our goal is to listen to the needs of our customers, with the objective to invariably offer added value. One of our most recent innovations is Athena is the unique control suite platform that helps our customers optimize and increase the overall effectiveness of their equipment. It is a transversal application which helps control the machine from the plant to the cloud with the identical look and feel.

Customer Oriented

In our showroom, we currently have the most state-of-the-art Mespack equipment fully available to test recyclable materials and various applications and technologies. You can find our HFFS and VFFS lines, as well as Mespack HF for pre-made pouches. Additionally, we will have Mespack Hydroforma and our end-of-the-line equipment. All of the equipment is fully connected to Mespack Athena.


Following the foundation of open innovation, we collaborate with key partners of the flexible packaging sector, in order to develop challenging projects. Solely, by working closely with a plethora of experts, we are able to collectively achieve innovative and sustainable goals.

We encourage you to join us on this innovation packaging solutions journey.

Would you like to test your material or learn more about our solutions for sustainable materials? Inquire immediately about a customized demonstration at our Mespack Innovation Centre.

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