Mespack recently took over Cloud Packaging, a main water soluble pod manufacturer that invented rotary drum technology in 1965. This technology is the foundation of the rotary-forming drum, which has been refined and perfected for over half a century; the rotary-forming drum is at the core of our Hydroforma Series.

Primarily, the Hydroforma Series is comprised of three models for the production of detergent pods. Hydroforma 660 is the industry’s fastest and most efficient water soluble pods solutions. The Mespack Cloud packaging machines, Hydroforma 330 and & Hydroforma 165, with a smaller footprint and lighter price points, are scaled-down versions of the industry leading Hydroforma 660.

All three units excel at packaging liquid detergents, fabric softeners, water treatments, concrete additives, as well as agriculture and industrial chemicals. Using the use of Hydroforma machines creates the following advantages: accuracy of pre-measured doses, end-user convenience, increased user safety (no chemical contact, dust reduction, and less vapor inhalation), environmental friendliness, and product concentration for reduced packaging and shipping costs.


Cloud Packaging Hydroforma Series

Faster than any other competing machine producing less waste and having higher cycle times.

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