Mespack’s Vertical Form-Fill and Seal Machines are composed of a stick-pack machine series and 4-sided seal multi-lane machine series.

Our vertical machines are built in a mono-block and heavy-duty steel frame, designed to provide free access to all sides of the machine as well as facilitate maintenance procedures. The machinery is fully guarded with interlocked magnetic security switches.

A stick-pack is an ideal presentation for liquids, powder, granules, and pieces. This packaging is widely used for the following products among others: food or diet, home and personal care, confectionery, and pharmaceutical.

The ML Series is especially suited for a multitude of products, granules, powder, and liquids and is widely used in pharma, food, and home&personal care sectors.

Both the multi-lane stick-pack packaging Machines can be equipped with multiple dosing system configurations as well as special motorized systems for easy cleaning.


MS Series

The most accurate stick pack machine with the best integrated technology on the market

ML Series

The vertical multiline solution as a result of the continuous design evolution and innovation of our packaging lines

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