Juicing fruits has become a convenient alternative for the quick consumption of important nutrients. Fruit juice remains a healthy option for people who are discriminating eaters.

Due to numerous health benefits, companies in the fruit juice market anticipate a huge growth in the coming years. Furthermore, health-conscious people are shifting from fruit drinks to fruit juices, as the latter are healthier and do not have added preservatives or artificial flavours.

Mespack has never missed the opportunity to be the first to offer its customer innovative packaging solutions. Moreover, we believe in the continuity of developing technology that supports our customers adopt every forthcoming sustainable material.

Additionally, our HF Series is known as the “filling-through the spout” machinery. These unique machines of Mespack afford our customers the option of equipment for pre-made pouches with filling and sealing capacity.

Along with its versatile features, the HF Series ensures plastic reduction, which is in accordance with one of Mespack’s the primary focus goals: to reduce the use of raw materials. Due to a continuous filling motion through the spout, not only is headspace reduced, but the wave effect also prevented. Consequently, the pouch headspace is reduced by up to 15%.

The new HF Series can be used for pre-made pouches with top and edge spouts. This model is specially planned and designed to guarantee immense versatility. As a result of its modular design, the HF Series allows a pouch forming module to replace the automatic rail loading system, in order to reduce material cost in the event of a production increase.

This series is distinguishable for its ability to increase output capacity, due to the machine’s adaptability to and appropriateness for additional lanes. The flexibility of the HF Series is profound; it is able to concurrently operate with diverse products and formats. The HF Series equipments can be configured to simultaneously package a variety of products and formats. Additionally, varying spouts and pouch shapes can be used. These machines have convenient features, which include the filling of more than one product at the same time, hence no changeover is required. The majority of our clients greatly appreciate this unique attribute.

In addition to the aforementioned features, the HF Series machinery is ideal to resolve hygienic solutions. These machines use steamed water to clean the spout and pouch before capping, which is a solution less often incorporated with our machines. Hence, this technique has not only been proven as, another unique Mespack solution that is full of versatility in regard to hygienic care features, but an Ideal solution for fruit and vegetable juice packaging as well.

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