The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

Mespack provides coffee and Cereal packaging machines, candi packaging solutions among other such as snack, chocolate, as well as packaging for refrigerated products.
Mespack's product range is designed to the highest standards, in regard to hygiene, safety, waste reduction, and flexibility, resulting in some of the company's most important packaging features. Mespack's food packaging machine is valued the most by food manufacturers, particularly those with increasingly stricter manufacturing protocols.

The Mespack H540 is a food packaging machine designed to meet high hygienic standards of baby food manufacturers. Considering cleanliness and hygiene protocols, this machine manufactures six pouches with rounded edges per cycle with choke proof top caps. It can produce up to 300 pouches per minute of 200 ml of fruit purée with a 96% minimum guaranteed efficiency.

For many years, with over 2000 machines currently in operation at the factories of the industry’s international groups, the majority beging preferred supplier, Mespack has established itself as a leading company in the flexible packaging industry.

Dairy Products

Mespack has developed optimal ultraclean machines for liquid dairy products as well as high flexible fill machinery for cheese packaging.

Mespack food packaging  machine for dairy products offer precise answers to specific needs. Adaptable to a wide variety of flexible packaging, they make it possible to combine traditional products with a modern packaging that is attractive to the eye.

Machinery such as the Mespack H570 or the Mespack HIM570 are ideal for cheese products, and consequently, are multi-purpose machines for this type of products.

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