The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

Quality, Reliability, and Durability

We develop robust and high-quality equipment for our customers enabling us to have long-term relationship with them.

Tailored-Made Integrated Solutions

We have the most talented and experienced engineering team to design and provide customized integrated solutions by understanding the needs of customers.

One-Stop-Shop Player

Mespack has the largest portfolio of soluble pods equipment, HFFS, VFFS, and end-of-line equipment, all in a One-Stop-Shop player that ensures quality and efficiency with premium services worldwide.


At Mespack, we are extremely mindful of supporting our customers with an absolute sense of urgency, thus being reliable and efficient.


We collaborate with our customers and a group of stellar partners to develop sustainable packaging applications, turning our labour into a true cocreation, and being at the forefront of innovation.


We are strongly committed to developing innovative equipment for sustainable packaging in order to preserve the environment and assist our customers in the pursuit of their goals.


Innovation is part of the Mespack ́s DNA and we persistently reinforce this commitment by following a roadmap with a clear vision towards the future of flexible packaging.


Mespack, a Duravant Group company, has a presence in over 90 countries, offering the best equipment and services to the most diverse industries, such as home care, food, and personal care.

Our Team

Every collaborator directly contributes to our immediate success and that of our customers by working diligently and with a high commitment to accomplish the most challenging projects.

The Journey of Excellence

We believe that excellence is a voyage, not an objective, and even less, so a destination. During this journey, we take the quality standards of our clients and turn them into results.

Our raison for being is to create long-term relationships that offer added value and growth, to both our customers and partners. We contribute and preserve the environment by developing more sustainable packaging solutions for a greener world. In this respect, at Mespack we are guided for main fundamentals bases.

Live the Journey of Excellence with us

Nearly 27 years ago, Mespack began a journey which we are still embarked on today. On this journey, we step forward day after day giving our best and demonstrating our talent. With each milestone we pass and slope we climb, we are guided by our determination to serve, which is the foundation of the trust our clients have in us.
During our journey, we take our clients’ quality standards and turn them into results. This is what we call The Journey of Excellence.

We at Mespack believe that excellence is a voyage, not an objective, and even less so a destination. It is because we believe that if excellence were a destination, the first thing we would do when arriving would be to stop. And that is the last thing we want to do. We are in constant and infinite movement for this exact reason. For us, excellence is a journey.

We have the best talented and experienced team with winning spirit prepared to provide the perfect packaging solution to our customer needs. We certainly believe that every collaborator contributes to our direct success and that of our customers. We offer an abundance of opportunities for personal growth, as well as the training to arrive at this point, while labouring together with a committed team that works diligently every day to obtain the most challenging projects. We learn together with our customers, living the journey of excellence offered by the innovativeness of food packaging.

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