The IMH Series is a versatile packaging machine with an intermittent motion that has the ability to operate as a roll-stock or pre-made pouch machine; this mode interchange, can be performed with the use of a simple program.

This series gives manufacturers a tremendous range of easily configurable options in a single high-performance solution. As a result, it is also considered an entry-level machine, despite its two working modes.

The machines of the IMH Series are easily engineered to meet the specific needs of customers. The machines can be stretched to accommodate various filling methods by providing any number of filling stations.

Mespack’s Traveling Funnel System is used on filling stations, which are filled by a timing hopper. This system significantly increases the speed of the machine. Furthermore, the funnels offer toolless changeovers for quick replacements.



The most versatile Roberts pouch packaging solution for starter manufacturers which can run as Roll-Stock or with Pre-made pouch.

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