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the usage of packaging materials per packed unit


Traditionals materials to recyclable, PCR or compostable materials


the packaging materials associated with the use of the product



new equipment for new materials and higher OEE


install base with technology for new materials and higher OEE



To avoid single-use plastic packaging

Meet our sustainable packaging solutions

At Mespack we are strongly committed to developping eco-innovative packaging solutions in order to preserve the environment and accompanied our customers in the pursuit of their goals. We want to walk this journey beside them showing the advantages of sustainable packaging.

The future is the responsibility of everyone and as agents in the flexible packaging industry, we have a key role in the development of new habits and processes that bring flexible packaging to a circular economy. We truly believe that it is possible to join forces with every packaging industry agents. We have the ability to recycle millions of packagings made with sustainable materials that are consumed worldwide on a daily basis.

Which partners are joining forces with us to travel on this sustainable journey?

Contributing to the circular economy is essential for the flexible packaging industry and is the responsibility of the entire value chain. This can only be accomplished through extensive collaboration, innovation, and investment. Only by working with key partners can we collectively reach these sustainability goals, and prevent waste and environmental pollution.

We are working closely with experts of the flexible packaging industry,  who investigate and facilitate  the availability of materials which are used in our sustainable packaging solutions.

We are currently developing several sustainable projects with our partners, particularly recyclable spouted pouches made with monomaterials and recyclable spouts.

Advantages of Sustainable Flexible Packaging

At In Mespack we are focused on helping our customers, FMCG brands, reduce their environmental footprint by converting high value consumer goods packed in rigid containers into flexible packaging.

Reduce packaging space to reduce transport energy

Unlimited shapes and formats in packaging designs to adjust product volume.

Convenient use due to a wide variety of formats and close systems, such as zippers or spouts, that prevent food waste.

The use of less packaging during the packaging process aids in the reduction of plastic waste
  • Specific designs to minimize the use of plastic.
  • Customized packaging barriers which support the protection and preservation of valuable goods.
  • Less footprint impact: less usage of water, energy, and material during the manufacturing process.

This mindset change, maximizes their profit and reduces the use of material while, simultaneously acquiring, high efficiency and reliability. Mespack guarantees sustainable packaging made with recyclable, recycled and biodegradable materials.

Flexible packaging is a driving force in regard to sustainability. It is not only designed for recycling but also to contribute to the circular economy with the minimization of resources and raw materials during the manufacturing process, use of materials more sustainable, minimizing food waste, guarantee product conservation and have agreements with waste and treatment collection companies.

How do we integrate sustainable materials into flexible packaging?

At Mespack we follow six main strategies.

Reducing the usage of Raw Material

Reduction of headspace in continuous filling equipment, which results in a savings of up to 15% of pouch material usage.

Laser cut usage reduces maintenance and film material by a minimum of 3%. As a reference, 5mm is saved with a 100mm wide pouch when laser cut is used in comparison to a scissor cut system.

Changing from rigid to flexible packaging can save up to 70% of plastic. Additionally, savings occur in regard to carbon footprint as well as storage space and logistics.

Replacing Materials with more Sustainable Solutions

Recycable ready

• Polyolefins
• Mono PE
• Mono PP


Contains at least 20-30% of PCR materials

Biodegradable or compostable

• Paper

Removing the packaging materials associated with the use of the product

Biodegradable or Compostable

  • Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH) is used to produce pods.
  • According to the American Cleaning Institute, at least 60% of the film biodegrades within 28 days, and 100% of the film is biodegraded in 90 days or less.

Adapting Technology for New Materials and Higher OEE

Our commitment to sustainability within the flexible packaging industry is not only for the use of new materials in the construction of our machinery, but also in development of new technologies that allow our customers to reduce waste and lower energy consumption.

The adoption of these new technologies are also designed for machines which we have already introduced to the market. The objective is to upgrade these machines and make them able to produce recyclable packaging.

New and reliable sealing methods are used for sustainable materials.

Film welding of recyclable materials is extremely delicate, due to the material temperature.

Quick changeovers reduce material waste when the format is changed.

The preparation of pouch format changes not only requires time, but also film and energy consumption. Both automatic and mechanical rapid changeovers reduce the time, film, and energy of theses changes

Less energy-consuming machines help to minimize the carbon footprint of the industry.

Reducing the carbon footprint is one of the most important strategies for which we strive when supporting our customers in the pursuit of their sustainable goals. Carbon footprint reduction allows us to collaborate in building a greener world.

Retrofitting. Install base with technology for new materials and higher OEE

With more that 3.000 machines in the market, we design extended number of retrofits to adapt Mespack equipment to new materials with higher OEE. Discover more about our kits of retroffits for recycable materials:

  • Special alloy sealing jaws
  • Bottom jaw cooling & triple point pointer
  • Bottom perforator with larger stroke
  • Air cooling on sealing station …

Reusing to avoid single-use plastic packaging

Innovating constantly our packaging formats in order to save plastic waste.

Join us to co-create a more sustainable packaging.

Would you like to learn more about our solutions for sustainable materials or test your material? Inquire immediately about a customized demonstration at our Mespack Innovation Centre.

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