The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

Automations and User Friendly

Automation is highly valued in our solutions. We believe it is one of the most important processes which assists you in reducing machine downtime and increasing production. At Mespack, we have integrated the concept of automation into various parts of our machines, such as an automatic changeover, a quick changeover, and an autosplice unwinder.

Automatic Changeover

Automatic changeover system is compossed of:

  • Servomotorization of the sealing group without the need to make adjustments.
  • User friendly system trought HMI.

Quick Changeover

The Quick Format Change Revolver system consists of a positioning bar, which is parallel to the longitudinal guide and has position preconfigured jaws for each pouch format. To change the format, it is necessary to release the sealing group, set the guide in the position corresponding to the new forma,t and refix the sealing group by attaching the retainers in the defined position. This system allows a fast format change without the need to make other adjustments.

Autosplice Unwinder

The automatic reel splicing system integrates the Butler device, which automatically splices the final section of the finished reel with the initial section of the new reel, thus avoiding production stops in order to perform this process. Manufactured in a structure with support for two reels, the Butler device is located on the reel splicing table, between the upper and lower reel. 

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