The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

Hygienic Solutions

Different levels of hygienic solutions, from washdown machine to higher levels of sanitization for your machines. Laminar flow can achieve up to 99,999% bacteria free production.

Gas Flush

Three different gas flush systems to reduce residual oxygen in the pouch to: basic 7-10% / intermediate 3-5% / total 1,5-2%. The basic gas flush system consists of two nitrogen inlet points: one located in the filling area (in the funnel or nozzle/depending on the product); the second located in the stretching area of the pouch. The intermediate gas flush system consists of continuous nitrogen inlet points located inside the hopper, the filling area, the funnels and/or nozzles (depending on the product), and the stretching area of the pouch. Total gas flush injection system consists of an electro-pneumatically controlled injection system with inert gas injection points in the hopper, filling area, funnels, and blowers that help to open the pouch. In order to reach such a low volume of residual oxygen, it is necessary to build an almost hermetic filling area. Additionally, the design and construction of the interior of the filling area eliminates dead angles, incorporates a dust collector, and uses materials with ultra-polished surfaces to facilitate cleaning. Stainless steel AISI 304 is used for gas injectors.

Laminar Flow

High quality horizontal laminar flow workbench provides an HEPA filtered horizontal laminar airflow (crossflow). This system creates an ISO 14644-1 (Class 5) / GMP Annex 1 (Class A) work area and prevents ambient air from entering the work area, guaranteeing product protection. Optimum film protection is ensured as a result of HEPA filtration (HEPA H14 filter, 99,999% (DOP) class 10) along the chosen length of the HFFS machine. Working principle: – Impulsion modules create sterile and particle-free conditions (ISO 5 – Class 100), due to the application of continuous sweeping principle of the working area with ultra-filtered air under laminar flow conditions. – Air is suctioned by fan by pre-filter stages, driven up the plenum and filtered in HEPA filter. Generated laminar flow, after HEPA filter sweeps and protects the working area, drives any particles in the air out of the area through the lower zone of the curtains.

UV Lamp

The disinfection system of the film with ultraviolet light is located in the unwinder of the machine, before the pouch forming group. With a duration of ~ 8,000h, this ultraviolet lamp provides a level of LOG 3 disinfection. The lamp is composed of 4 mono tubes of germicidal light of 180 Watts (65W UV-C) that do not generate ozone or waste. The unit is mounted in a stainless steel watertight cabinet with a reflective base and IP65 protection.


For hygienic purposes, the washdown option includes: – Preparation of machine for pressure water washing – Hygienic design (leaning surfaces to avoid water stagnate; elimination of holes and corners; welding with radius 3; silicone joints at the back of the jaws to guarantee watertightness; FDA approved tight junctions with hygienic design; easy to clean components; filling system on top of the protections for quick and easy cleaning)
– IP66 cabinets
– IP68 connectors

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