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Die-cut Solutions

Mespack offers multiple shaped pouch solutions, including easy openers and utilities for your packaging. Regarding shaped pouches, we have various die cut systems available, such as the laser system or mechanical matrix, allowing you to obtain your favorite shaped pouch. Furthermore, we provide a variety of hole punch designs, giving you the option to hang the pouches where you desire.

Die Cut (Shaped Pouch)

From the Customer, this pouch was designed and created to give a shape to the pouch. Can be adapted to several shapes and dimensions.

Tear Notch

Installed to provide an easy opening for the consumer, this is a pneumatically driven device that includes a “V”-shaped or dashed punch-die to perform a tear notch on the sealing area. It is easily adaptable to different machine formats and the height can be easily adjusted.


Die-cut to make the “Euro Hole” on pouches that will hang on a display. Includes the option for film scrap collectotion.

Hole Punch

Die-cut to make a hole on pouches that will hang on a display. The die cut will not fully cut the shape.

Double Scissors

To remove the frayed edges made by the round corner die-cut, we install a double scissor system.

Laser Cut

For complicated shaped pouches, laser cut provides the neccesary technology to create variable shapes for every pouch.

Round Edges

Die-cut to make round corners on pouches. This group integrates a collector for the film scraps.
For this item, Mespack recommends to install double scissors (as an option/not included in the price) to avoid sharp points that the die-cut may leave behind.

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