The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

The pre-made pouch filling and sealing packaging machine is composed of the following: a pouch feeding conveyor; a pick and place to transfer pre-made pouches to a transport system; and the main module for opening, filling, and top sealing. These models are equipped with an independent electrical cabinet and Mespack Athena.

The main series of this product category are IMP, HSC, and HF. The first two are operable with nearly all types of pouch formats, such as stand up and flat pouches, with or without shapes or applicators, including zippers, corners, or top spouts. However, the HF Series is specially designed to reduce headspace for liquid and pasty products.

Top and corner spouted pre-made pouches are used with this new series. Due to the continuous motion filling system through the spout, the pre-made pouch packaging machine, allows for a 15% material use reduction, as the wave effect is prevented.


HF Series

HF Series filling through the spout with high versatility.


The most flexible and reliable Roberts pre-made pouch solutions.

HSC Series

The HSC Series operates with every type of pre-made pouch and offers the freedom to use all pouches available to customers.

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