The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

Your Needs, Our Goals

Having more than 2.000 machines installed worldwide, the primary focus of main target for the Mespack service team is diligently attending to serve support to our customers with an absolute sense of urgency being reliable and efficient.

We have 27 years of expertise and know-how in the flexible packaging industry, qualifying us as highly trained technical service personnel and who are committed to meeting the demanding business needs required for our customers. Furthermore, having a presence in more than 70 countries, benefits our clients, as our experienced local field technicians are capable of responding swiftly. Moreover, we are able to offer fast spare-part service.

Equipment Services and Support

Retrofits and Upgrades

We All Want a Long Life

Regardless of whether your needs are driven to meet the new regulatory standards, adapt to new formats and dosing systems, or upgrade mechanical or electronic components, Mespack has a customized solution for every demand. Our dedicated Internal Project Management Team will support your project, with OEE focus, by managing both the schedule and technical requirements.

We are committed to the development of innovative and sustainable packaging solutions, allowing us to not only contribute to the circular economy of flexible packaging, but also  support the goal accomplishments of our customers. On behalf of this commitment, we emphasize the integration of sustainable materials in our flexible packaging equipment, thus offering retrofits and upgrades to our installed machines and enabling them to function with both recyclable, recycled or biodegradable laminates.

Upgrades for Packaging Machines.
Benefits For Your Business
  • Improve overall equipment effectiveness.
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership by extending the lifespan of your equipment.
  • Improving production performance.
  • Adapting your business to meet the new regulatory standards.
  • Changing the dosing system of your equipment to adapt to new products.
  • Preparing your equipment for a new format in order to offer new packaging solutions to the market.

Maintenance and Repair Services for Packaging Machinery

Unfailingly Prepared to Work

In order to optimise productivity and reduce downtime, our Preventive Maintenance Program offers the most optimal service, ensuring that  equipment is ready to work with maximum efficiency in order  to meet the production plan. Consequently, delays and stoppages are avoided, while  the life expectancy of your equipment is increased.

Our Reactive Maintenance Service is aided to solve in a quickest and most efficient way any troubleshooting or breakdowns in order to minimize the impact in your business.

Spare Parts

The Right Moment, The Right Place

Securing a dependable inventory of the key spare parts for your equipment is crucial to the life of your business. At Mespack, we are extremely knowledgeable regarding the many lists of accessories, and are able to guarantee fast and efficient management to reduce downtime. Furthermore, we ensure OEE, extend machine lifespan, and reduce TCO.

Through the labour of our dedicated Customer Owners and Key Account Owners Mespack team, we offer excellent service, which focuses on conquering your equipment needs by:

  • Minimizing Breakdowns
  • Reducing Stoppages
  • Improving Speed
  • Narrowing Scrap
Mespack North America:
Mespack Headquarters:

Digital Services Update

Get on the Digital Transformation train

To support the digital transformation that many industries are experiencing, we have developed Athena, a control suite platform that performs a variety of tasks, from machine control to data analytics. Our service team is eager and prepared to upgrade your machines, currently in use, with this platform, which will improve the efficiency of your equipment, as a result of analyzing the generated data.

Digital Transformation in Packaging Industry

Consultancy Services

Draw Out the Maximum Performance of Mespack Equipment

Our field engineering team will run an onsite audit of your equipment, in order to offer you an optimization which is adapted to your production needs and decrease your overall costs, while increasing the efficiency of your equipment.

Mespack offers an audit with the following services:
  • Conducting of a current state review  of the maintenance & operations staff
  • Preparation of a comprehensive productivity audit which includes:
    • changeover times
    • actual vs. desired throughput
    • training needs
  • Thorough inspection of machine condition & recent maintenance to identify:
    • safety issues
    • worn & damaged components
    • potential upgrades
  • Extension of an invitation to your maintenance team to take part in the process
  • Provide a comprehensive report of the findings, with recommendations on:
    • maintenance
    • a detailed list of parts with numbers and prices
    • upgrades
    • support intended to make processes leaner

Production Support Services

Extract the Maximum Performance of Mespack Equipment

Our field technical service engineers are able to support you not only by arranging the equipment commission, but also by auditing your equipment and ensuring that you maintain the equipment on its highest production levels.

Production Support Services.

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