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  • The CMR II represents the next generation in continuous motion technology with high production and Auto-Changeover
  • It is capable to produce up to 140 pouches per minute

Mespack, a leading manufacturer of innovative and sustainable flexible packaging solutions, will present, at Pack Expo Las Vegas, a high-production speed solution with leading industry efficiencies: the CMR series that represents the next generation of continuous motion technology.

The CMR series can be configured with a range of filling applications, thus delivering the ultimate in horizontal form-fill-and seal performance. With speeds of up to 140 ppm, this series is a unique solution for a complex packaging environment with wide flexibility.

As a result of its traveling duckbill funnels over the pouch, which extends the amount of fill time, the versatile machinery can fill difficult-to-pack products. With agitation and the use of baffles, duckbill funnels assist in packaging difficult products. Products that could not be packed on a “single point fill” machine can run at high speeds on the CRM II. The convertible pith system maximizes the output, thus generating substantial flexibility. As a standard, these machines are equipped with the auto-changeover feature, which allows format changeovers in as little as 20 minutes, thus minimizing machine downtime.

At Pack Expo Las Vegas, Mespack will present the CMR series, a high-production speed solution with leading industry efficiencies. This series, representing the next generation of continuous motion technology, delivers exceptional horizontal form-fill-seal performance. Capable of producing up to 140 pouches per minute, the CMR II machine offers versatility in filling applications, and can manage challenging-to-pack products using its traveling duckbill funnels. These funnels, equipped with baffles, ensure efficient packaging, even for difficult items. The machine’s convertible pitch system enhances flexibility, and with auto-changeover as a standard feature, format changeovers are performed in as little as 20 minutes, hence downtime is minimized.

The CMR II offers consistent high quality with great speed to guarantee optimum results. Pouches are formed, with individual compression control on each tooling post, by duplex intermittent motion for the entire bag range, thus formation of the highest quality pouch is ensured. After assembly, the pouches are transferred by continuous motion and secured on each side with grippers; precise pouch fill via the duckbill funnel prevents product spillage and top seal contamination.

The servo motor intelligence as well as the unique continuous motion design generate the required speed and efficiency needs for customers of the pet food or general food industries, as products, such as dried foods, are solid.

The Pack Expo trade fair is one of the most respected and relevant trade fairs of the packaging industry. At Mespack’s Pack Expo booth, C4034, visitors will be able to view this special project. Furthermore, Mespack has the largest product portfolio of the industry, which offers horizontal (including roll-stock, pre-made, and hybrid), vertical, as well as water-soluble pod equipment to produce sachets, stick packs, stand-up pouches, film-based packaging, and end-of-line solutions.

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