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American Box – EF Series

Automatic American Box Machine to Provide Turnkey Solutions for the Flexible Packaging Market

At Mespack, we provide Turnkey projects of flexible packaging into the market. One of our solutions is the American box packing module EF100, which consists of three equipment connected in one: case erector, picking, and case sealer. The flexible pouches can be grouped horizontally or vertically inside the boxes, and the maximum speed is up to 20 cases per minute.

Packaging formats

Main standard features

  • Acceleration Belt

    Acceleration Belt

    Acceleration Belt
    This belt speeds up to change the distance between two pouches from the previous station in order to be adapted to the picking speeds.
  • Continuous case conveyors supplied upon request (in accordance with customer’s plant layout needs)
  • Fully synchronization with the primary production line
  • Indexing System

    Indexing System

    Indexing System
    This system allows pouches or other containers to be properly aligned for the next packaging step.
  • Picking System

    Picking System

    Picking System
    This system works with different patterns, it is specially designed to pick pouches from the indexing system and place them in the correct position in order to be introduced.
  • Possibility to work with different types of robots in the pick & place module
  • Pouches Introduction

    Pouches Introduction

    Pouches Introduction
    After the grouping and picking process, all the pouches are introduced into the box at once.
  • Safety cabin according with CE regulations
  • Sensors to monitor the cases upon at the exit

* Some of the items listed are optionals




Flow packs
Stand-up Pouches
These types of boxes require the use of three different types of equipment: the first to erects the box; the second to inserts the product into the box; and the third to closes and seal the box.


F Series


Includes grouping and transfer system


T Series / C Series

Case assembly process

Technical especifications

MACHINE Output Cases/minute Format Max LxWxH (mm) Format Min LxWxH (mm) Sealing System
EF100 25 600X400X600 240x120x160 Tape, Hot Melt

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