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American Box – MCP Series

Automatic American Box Machines with Robotic Picking System Integrated for the Flexible Packaging Market.

MCP Series is our new picking equipment for secondary packaging in order to provide turnkey solutions in the RSC market. The MCP Series machines have the latest technology integrated such as Delta Robot and full servo equipped. Thanks to its versatility, up to 4 picking modules are available in order to increase the production speed.

Packaging formats

Main standard features

  • Acceleration Belt

    Acceleration Belt

    Acceleration Belt
    This belt speeds up to change the distance between two pouches from the previous station in order to be adapted to the picking speeds.
  • Athena enabled (HMI and IIoT)
  • Automatic Changeover Belt

    Automatic Changeover Belt

    Automatic Changeover Belt
    This belt is able to do an american box format changeover through HMI in less than the 30s thanks to its full servo characteristic.
  • Flap Control Guides

    Flap Control Guides

    Flap Control Guides
    These guides are responsible to keep the flaps always in open position.
  • Fully synchronization with the primary production line
  • Picking System

    Picking System

    Picking System
    A delta robot is used to pick pouches and place them inside of american box in a horizontal position. Up to 160 picks per minute are possible with a model MCP4.
  • Safety cabin according with CE regulations
  • Vision system

    Vision system

    Vision system
    The vision system is integrated into the machine entry. It is used to detect pouch position in order to transmit it to the picking robot.

* Some of the items listed are optionals 




Flow packs
Stand-up Pouches

These types of boxes require the use of three different types of equipment: the first to erect the box; the second to insert the products into the box; and the third to close and seal the box.


F Series


Includes grouping and transfer system
Delta Robot


T Series / C Series

Pick and Place Module with a Delta Robot

Among the advantages of delta robots, we must highlight their small dimension, which makes these robots placable in very small spaces. Furthermore, their speed and precision operate well with rapid and high-volume productions. There are two types delta robots applications, depending on the picking system:

  • Individual picking, which has five excel applications, resulting in the allocation of the product in a vertical positions.
  • Multiple picking, which can grasp and transport more than one unit at a time to the box.

Case assembly process

Technical especifications

Machine Max Output Cases/minute* Max Infeed Format Max LxWxH m(mm) Format Min LxWxH m(mm)
MCP 4 40 250 400x350x220 200x190x120
MCP 3 30 200 400x350x220 200x190x120
MCP 2 20 150 400x350x220 200x190x120
MCP 1 10 100 400x350x220 200x190x120

* Final speed may change depending on the project. The speeds are calculated based on: a 500ml pouch (120x220x60mm), an entry speed of 120ppm, cases inner configuration of 3x1x4 (up to 6kg) with full layer transfer.

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