Extreme robustness box allowing them pallet staking in flexible packaging industry

The RSC has the possibility of cardboard displaying with extreme robustness because its thickness can be up to twice that of wrap-around cases. High top compression figures are much more than those of any other secondary packaging and allows for twin pallet stacking. The resistance to top compression makes it suitable for storing flexible primary packaging, which includes pouches, bags, and flow packs.

These types of boxes require the use of three different types of equipment: the first to erects the box; the second to inserts the product into the box; and the third to closes and seal the box.


F Series


Includes grouping and transfer system


T Series / C Series

Pick and Place Module with a Delta Robot

Among the advantages of delta robots, we must highlight their small dimension, which makes these robots placable in very small spaces. Furthermore, their speed and precision operate well with rapid and high-volume productions. There are two types delta robots applications, depending on the picking system:

  • Individual picking, which has five excel applications, resulting in the allocation of the product in a vertical positions.
  • Multiple picking, which can grasp and transport more than one unit at a time to the box.

Case assembly process


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