The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.


Do you work in the pharmaceutical industry? If so, you are familiar with the packaging process: to ensure safety, hygiene, and security from the laboratory to the patient. Our equipment achieves the following:

  • Complies with stringent industry requirement and regulations.
  • Provides customized and versatile solutions that adhere to the needs of a product.
  • Offers turnkey solutions that are adapted to manufacturing layouts and footprint requirements.

At Mespack, we live for Pharma! We offer the best solutions in regard to vertical and horizontal packaging lines! The following is a brief outline of our turnkey solutions we specifically designed for the pharma Industry:

Introducing the Turnkey Solution for Horizontal Equipment:  

Meet the H320-4, a horizontal packaging machine that has been engineered to fulfill the highest production demands for small and medium-sized flat sachets, which are then inserted into a carton box.

Efficiency Meets Compliance

This 3 and 4-up high speed solution seamlessly integrates with a cartoning module that efficiently groups, before insertion into carton boxes. The Famartec A1 series of cartoning machines is meticulously designed for the automatic packaging of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Furthermore, this series ensures compliance with industry regulations and 21 CFR Part 11.

Versatility and Reliability

The A1 series offers three models that are adaptable to a wide range of formats, thus guaranteeing precision and reliability through servo motors. With advanced software and hardware solutions, this series easily integrates with tamper-evident and serialized systems, hence ensuring the utmost product authenticity.

Full Operation Experience

Witness the excellence of this product: the meeting point of technology and the decisive demands of pharmaceutical packaging. View our video.

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Your Partner in Pharma Excellence

With 30 years of global market experience, Mespack is your dedicated partner in the pharmaceutical value chain. We understand the critical importance of preserving the integrity of medicinal products in relation to packaging.

Unmatched Solutions for Your Needs

Our commitment extends to offering a comprehensive range of sustainable packaging solutions that are customized to meet stringent industry requirements and regulations. We not only deliver turnkey solutions for vertical and horizontal equipment, but also for and bespoke projects, thus utilizing cutting-edge technology on a global scale.

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An edge computer, placed in the machine cabinet, is responsible for collecting and sending data to the cloud through an internet connection to be stored and analyzed by Mespack Athena. All the data can be viewed from multiple devices. Worldwide, the machine’s data, belonging to the same customer, can be consolidated in a unique Mespack Athena dashboard view.

Main Features

  • Data collection
  • Dashboards
  • On-Machine control warning system
  • Multi-device
  • Multi-machine
  • Plant overview
  • Machine comparison
  • SMS/e-Mail
  • Data Available everywhere at anytime
  • Software updates
  • Identifies trends to avoid unexpected issues
  • Reduction of TCO
  • Better understanding of machine performance
  • Analyzes data in detail to increase production KPIs
  • Decreases maintenance costs due to preventive maintenance