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In our daily life, flavored yogurt is a dairy product with high market demand. On its behalf, the flexible packaging industry is displaying a strong growth in the dairy segment for both chilled and ambient distribution. Flexible packaging addresses trends within the dairy industry, including the rising interest in on-the-go consumption, single or multi servings, smaller portion sizes for meal kits, drinkable yogurts, smoothies, as well as squeezable and sippable products for children. Easy-open and resealable pouches make it easier to consume food on the go and control portions.

At Mespack we provide you with optimal ultraclean liquid filling machinery for flexible packaging, thus allowing your products to be safely enjoyed anywhere and at any time. Offering practical pouches that make the consumer’s life easier, has become a competitive market advantage. Flexible packaging can be lightweight without sacrificing strength, protection, and optimum sealing.

Apart from the customer benefits, flexible packaging offers numerous sustainability advantages throughout its entire lifecycle, including those in reference to material/resource efficiency, weight, transportation, shelf-life extension, landfill material reduction, high product-to-package ratio, and beneficial life cycle metrics. Furthermore, flexible packaging makes a product more attractive on the supermarket shelf.

In regard to hygiene, safety, waste reduction, and flexibility, our product range is designed to the highest standards for the packaging of products that are of hot, cold, and ambient temperature. With reference to dairy products, especially liquid and flavored, we particularly emphasize our H360 machine. This model is optimally ultraclean, and can adapt to a wide variety of flexible packaging. It not only make the combination of traditional products with modern packaging possible, but create eye pleasing products as well.

Mespack’s food packaging machinery offers precise solutions to specific needs, and is highly valued by food manufacturers, particularly those with increasingly strict manufacturing protocols. With more than 2,000 machines currently operable in the facilities of the most prominent food companies, Mespack has established itself as a leader in the flexible packaging industry.

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