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Notpla Mespack

A Strategic partnership towards eco-friendly, biodegradable, and edible films, derived from seaweed, that are revolutionizing the packaging industry

Both companies expect to achieve satisfactory results in the first half of 2024 and thus be able to contribute to a circular economy

Mespack, a leading international manufacturer of horizontal and vertical form-fill-seal machines for flexible packaging, end-of-line equipment, as well as water-soluble pods machines, and Notpla, a renowned pioneer in sustainable packaging materials, are excited to announce their strategic collaboration. Presently, this partnership, which began in late 2021, is flourishing, thus marking a significant milestone towards the continued commitment for sustainability, especially in regard to fully biodegradable and edible films derived from seaweed.

As the world moves forward, increasingly embracing the urgent need for eco-friendly solutions, Mespack and Notpla are taking the initiative to lead the path towards a greener future. Together, both companies are innovators of new solutions that deliver sustainable packaging materials in alignment with global environmental goals; these solutions also reduce carbon footprint and cater to the changing preferences of today’s consumers.

Notpla is known for its passion and expertise in developing innovative and biodegradable packaging materials made from seaweed and plants, some of which are surprisingly edible. Simultaneously, these materials offer an unprecedented level of sustainability and maintain the functionality and quality expected from traditional packaging solutions, which perfectly coincides with Mespack’s mission to offer customers innovative and environmentally friendly packaging options.

Notpla has developed an industry-first biodegradable polymer; Mespack supports Notpla in regard to the adaptation of this organic material for use with horizontal and vertical form-fill-seal equipment. Both companies expect to achieve satisfactory results in the first half of 2024, thus being able to contribute to a circular economy.

Furthermore, Mespack and Notpla are jointly developing an edible film that will adapt to productions on hydroforma machines for water-soluble capsules. Edible film testing is also advancing on vertical form-fill-seal equipment.

The partnership between these two companies denotes a profound shift in the packaging industry’s approach to sustainability. The development of forward-thinking solutions that reduce waste, pollution, and the overall packaging environmental impact is a commitment of Mespack and Notpla.

In the words of Guillem Clofent, managing director of Mespack: “The path towards a more sustainable world remains long. At Mespack, we are eager to combine our industry expertise with Notpla’s groundbreaking sustainable materials, which will introduce innovative packaging solutions that are not only biodegradable, but also have the potential to revolutionize our views on packaging. We diligently work from Mespack’s Innovation Center, and are extremely pleased with our current results. The forthcoming journey is exciting for both companies.”

Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, cofounder and co-CEO of Notpla states the following: “At Notpla, we operate to the rhythms of nature; working with its life cycles to develop our next generation of materials and packaging solutions. We are committed to restoring planetary health. In order to bring these biodegradable materials to the market, we need partners that are also committed to evolving towards a green world and making a positive impact on the environment. As a result, we have discovered the most optimal alliance with Mespack, as it will allow us to move towards a completely new packaging options.”

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An edge computer, placed in the machine cabinet, is responsible for collecting and sending data to the cloud through an internet connection to be stored and analyzed by Mespack Athena. All the data can be viewed from multiple devices. Worldwide, the machine’s data, belonging to the same customer, can be consolidated in a unique Mespack Athena dashboard view.

Main Features

  • Data collection
  • Dashboards
  • On-Machine control warning system
  • Multi-device
  • Multi-machine
  • Plant overview
  • Machine comparison
  • SMS/e-Mail
  • Data Available everywhere at anytime
  • Software updates
  • Identifies trends to avoid unexpected issues
  • Reduction of TCO
  • Better understanding of machine performance
  • Analyzes data in detail to increase production KPIs
  • Decreases maintenance costs due to preventive maintenance