Companies need to focus on their core business and rely on their suppliers as facilitating and reliable partners. For this reason, at Mespack, we are committed to turnkey solutions, which include the management of a complete project, thus tending to all the details and responsibilities during the process. In regard to equipment projects that produce primary and secondary packaging, we provide solutions inclusive of a detailed company needs assessment, design, manufacturing, installation, and equipment commissioning at our customer’s premises. Furthermore, we positively impact personnel training and qualification of the personnel. All this is possible with a single supplier: Mespack.

At Mespack, we minimize the costs, risks, and inconveniences derived from the integration of numerous equipment and technologies from different suppliers. As a result of having a single, self-managed partner, we give you peace of mind and convenience.

Our expertise in primary and secondary packaging ensures the synchronization and compatibility of every line element. Furthermore, in addition to having the broadest portfolio of products on the market, we have the technology and most qualified team to achieve success.

What are the key advantages of a turnkey project with Mespack?

  • Sole responsibility for the entire project production line (including equipment and service)
  • Complete project integration with one company supplier
  • Assurance of engineering and technical solutions (prior testing allows the systems to perfectly converge and integrate; testing is simultaneously conducted by one team)
  • Save time and labor (elimination of utilizing several companies to implement and join solutions used within the same company)
  • Save resources (negotiating extended and complicated projects with different companies/suppliers is unnecessary)
  • Same delivery time of all project elements

The following images illustrate a few results that have already been installed in the facilities of our customers:

At Mespack, we ensure that every project strictly complies with our quality standards. Furthermore, we tirelessly to develop technologies that make our machines smart; such is the case regarding the integration of the Mespack Athena system. This Mespack digital platform allows us to reduce unplanned downtime (between 1.5% and 3%), waste (between 2% and 3.5%), among other benefits. Moreover, in accordance with our firm commitment to sustainability, we continuously innovate to guarantee that our machinery is operable with the most current recyclable material trends.

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