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The affordable water-soluble pouch packaging solution that works hard for you

The Mespack Hydroforma 165,although it is a smaller solution with a competitive price, uses the same technology of our other industry-leading Hydroforma equipments. It produces 3 to 5 times the product per minute of our competitors vertical style machines with half the scrap waste of non-rotary machines.
All the engineering excellence and performance, in a smaller footprint. At half the speed of its big brother, the Hydroforma 165 is still one of the fastest machines available. With speeds of up to 1200 PPM, it is faster than other machines in the price range. It provides the same technology of our industry leading Hydroforma machine. It packages three to five times the pouches per minute of any competitive vertical style machine.

Packaging formats

Main standard features

  • Accurate pre-measured doses
  • Computer backed
  • End-user convenience
  • Enhancement user safety feature
  • Full servo version

    Full servo version

    The Hydroforma can simultaneously load powders and/or liquids. The high precision, servo-driven product management features give an accurate assurance of your desired product amount.
  • Packaging shipping costs reduced due to centralization
  • Patented gentle handling protects pouches

    Patented gentle handling protects pouches

    Patented gentle handling protects pouches
    The Hydroforma Series maintains careful pouch control during and after the cutting process, preventing damage at every stage.
  • Pouch detector system minimizes clean-ups

    Pouch detector system minimizes clean-ups

    Pouch detector system minimizes clean-ups
    Our unique pouch detector vision system monitors proper film formation in drum cavities. If film is not detected, no fill takes place. This feature saves you valuable time, by preventing unnecessary clean-ups.
  • Precision filling system for liquids or powders
  • Purging trough speed changeovers

    Purging trough speed changeovers

    Purging trough speed changeovers
    Eliminating the wasting valuable film. Quick change-over purges old product and primes those that are new.
  • Reduction of dust and vapor inhalation due to chemichal free contact

* Some of the items listed are optionals 

Technical specifications

MachinesHYDROFORMA 165
Max. Volume (cc)50
Max. Output (p.p.m.)600
Max. Format (mm)152.4 x 152.4
Min. Format (mm)12.7 x 6.35

The final speed will depend on product and film characteristics, it may change according to projects.

A wide range of dosing systems for all types of products on the market. More information
MachinesHYDROFORMA 165
Liquid / Pasty

Feed Systems

Servo Pump (Liquid)
Pneumatic Pump (Liquid)
Auger (Powder)
Feed Belt (Powder)
Combination Units (Powder & Liquid)

Pod Design Capability

Monodose (Single Chamber)
Dual Chamber
Triple Chamber
5 Chamber Designs
Powder & Liquid Combinations
Dual Shot Nozzle

Control platforms

Allen Bradley
Siemens (SIMOTION)

Product Development

Pod Design
Static Testing (Hand Samples)
Dynamic Testing (Speed Testing)
Pod Regulatory Compliance

Efficient Design

Liquid Purge Tank
Sliding Nozzle Bar
E-Z Depth Drum Adjustments

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