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In recent years, Mespack has been focused on developing equipment to produce recyclable flexible packaging. This has been accomplished together with film, paper, and spout producers, as well as customers with challenging recyclable projects.

We have been making progress regarding the manner in which the incorporation of Elmedur sealing jaws, a bottom jaw cooling with a triple point pointer, air cooling on the sealing station, a pre-heating system for the spout applicator, or a servo-driven cutting knife, can assist customers in using sustainable materials. Through a retrofit, the machinery of our customers can be adapted with all of these innovative solutions, which  can also be applied to any new machines.

This new equipment is compatible with the current trends in sustainable materials, such as Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic, paper or aluminum. Furthermore, the equipment assesses the behavior and recyclability of these materials. Moreover, Mespack machinery is equipped to operate with paper as well as produce a wide variety of packaging formats, such as stick packs, sachets, stand-up pouches, and or even water-soluble pods, which are composed of biodegradable film.

The aforementioned sustainable novelties have already been introduced to the global flexible packaging market with satisfactory results from our customers. Specifically, we are currently performing material trials at the Mespack Innovation Centre in Barcelona for the largest cheese packing company in Unites States.

After the foundation of open innovation, we joined forces with key partners of the flexible packaging sector, in order to develop challenging projects and achieve sustainable goals. The most recent state-of-the-art Mespack technology is available to FMCG brands for the use with new recyclable ready, recycled, biodegradable or compostable materials.

The principal strategies we follow at Mespack, in order to integrate sustainability into flexible packaging, include reducing raw material usage, replacing materials with sustainable solutions and adapting technology to sustainable materials.

At Mespack we are strongly committed to developing innovative equipment for sustainable packaging solutions in order to preserve the environment and assist you in the pursuit of your goals.

We recommend testing your film and learning more about our equipment, which is adapted to operate with sustainable materials. For inquiries regarding a customized demonstration at our Mespack Innovation Centre, please use the following link:

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