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Looking to maximize production with minimal downtime and footprint?

Mespack Hydroforma 660 and Hydroforma 660 DS are low footprints, high-speed, and the fastest changeover time water-soluble machines. Both can produce up to 2400 ppm for powder products, and Hydroforma 660 DS can produce up to 1400 ppm for liquid. This equipment is the most efficient water-soluble pod solution worldwide, which can produce more pods, in less time and waste.

  • Can produce up to 2400 ppm for powder products and up to 1400 ppm for liquids. It offers the fastest production time and ensures efficient pod manufacturing.
  • With its low footprint design, the Hidroforma 660 DS optimizes your production space, allowing you to achieve higher output without sacrificing valuable floor space.
  • Our autosplicer system enables reel changeovers without any downtime, ensuring seamless transitions between different products and reducing production interruptions.
  • Purging Through Speed Changeovers: Quick changeover purging through quickly slides into place to purge old products and prime the new.
  • Precision Filling Lystem for Liquids or Powder: The Hydroforma is equipped with a servo-driven precision filling system that can simultaneously load powders and liquids. You can have full confidence in the accuracy and consistency of your product amounts.
  • Our unique cavity detector with a vision system monitors proper film formation, ensuring precise pod creation. It prevents unnecessary clean-ups and optimizes your production efficiency.
  • Exclusive to the Hydroforma 660 DS, the dual shot filling system doubles the production speed of liquid dosing, allowing you to meet demanding production requirements efficiently.

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