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The Gas flush system is a solution that consistently injects nitrogen into packaging to minimize oxygen content, which contributes to the preservation of the product. It has various modalities according to the level of residual oxygen that remains in the packaging.

We have three gas flush systems to reduce residual oxygen:

  • The Basic System: Up to 7-10% of residual oxygen inside the pouch. This system consists of two nitrogen inlet points: one located in the filling area (in the funnel or nozzle/depending on the product) and a second inlet point located in the stretching area of the pouch.
  • The Intermediate System: Up to 3-5% of residual oxygen. This system consists of continuous nitrogen inlet points located inside the hopper, funnels and/or nozzles (depending on the product), filling area, and stretching area of the pouch.
  • The Total System: Up to 1%-2% of residual oxygen. This system consists of an electro-pneumatically controlled injection procedure/technique. The inert gas injection points are located in the hopper, funnels, filling area, and blowers that help open the pouch. In order to obtain such a low volume of residual oxygen, an almost hermetic filling area must be built.

Furthermore, the design and construction of the interior of the filling area eliminates dead angles, incorporates a suction system for recirculating dusty products, and minimizes the loss of gas to the maximum level. Additionally, the system uses materials with ultra-polished surfaces to facilitate cleaning.

Moreover and in accordance with the type of product, we use gas mixers and electronic flow controllers to inject the optimum amount of gas. We can also individually install the system into each station of the machine.

Our gas flush technology is ideal for the food industry, especially in reference to the packaging of sauces, nuts, coffee, cheese, cereals, baby food, milk powder, among others. 

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