The HMRSC Series is a new carrousel system solution to expand the horizontal pre-made machines range

The HMRSC Series is an innovative horizontal fill and seal machine that is integrated with Mespack’s latest technology. This series has been developed to expand the range of horizontal pre-made solutions. These machines have the ability to operate in intermittent or continuous motion depending on the product, available to work with different product types, such as liquids, powders, granules, and solids. It is compatible with all types of pre-made pouches and offers the freedom to use any pouch which is available to the customer.

Adaptada para el trabajo con materiales sostenibles

Nuevos controles: Athena

Smart Functions
Recyclable Ready
Advanced Maintenance
* Opcional

The Mespack HMRSC Series allows you to make format quick changeovers in less than 5 minutes

Carrousel Transport System

The Mespack mechanical carrousel system has intermittent or continuous motions to perform the filling process. Furthermore, and subsequently,  the machine operates at a higher speed, allowing for more volume dosing.

Mespack Grippers Management System with Automatic Quick Changeover in Carrousel

The grippers width of all Mespack Grippers Management (MGMS) System is adjustable from the HMI. Auto-positioning of all the machine’s rear grippers allows for perfect clearance of the filling area, as well as adequately cleaned and sanitized.

Main standard features

  • A modular design
  • Additional station for laser or inkjet encoders
  • Pouch inspection station for vision cameras
  • Athena enabled (HMI and IIoT)
  • Laminar flow (optional)
  • Wash down (optional)
  • Work with different pre-made pouch types such as flat pouches, stand-up pouches, box pouches, etc.
  • Intermittent or continuous dosing system available
  • Carrousel transport system
  • Easy to operate


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