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Performa and Servoriginal. The Market’s Fastest Continuous Motion Solutions for Flat Pouches

Kyle Scalise and Xavier Taronger

In this webinar, our experts, Kyle Scalise and Xavier Taronger, will first handedly demonstrate all the competitive advantages of our Ultra-High Speed Series, which is able to process up to 5,200 pouches per minute. If your product is in pieces, powder or granules, this equipment is the solution for you! 

The Performa is suitable for small flat pouches, with three sided seals, that hold a maximum volume of 110 cc. This machine has a small footprint and is up to 40% faster than equivalent high-speed machines on the market. 

The Servoriginal is appropriate for large flat pouches, with three or four-sided seals, that hold a volume of up to 400 cc. It is fully integrated with servo technology and is 25% faster than every other horizontal machine on the market. 

Do not miss the opportunity to discover the features of these solutions and ask any questions you may have.  

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