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American box – Carton Sealing Machine

Automated case sealer

Mespack automatic carton sealing machine C2500 with hot-melt injection is very user-friendly that allows for a quick format changeover minimizing downtime.
A message display enables to change automatically the glue and speed program and shows any eventuality, so troubleshooting is faster and easier.
The case sealer is equipped with numerous sensors to ensure correct operation. They detect presence of box and product, minimum magazine level, accumulation on exit, etc.It can seal up to 40 boxes per minute.

Packaging formats

Main standard features

  • Ability to stack twin pallets due to high-ranking top compression figures (higher than all other secondary packaging figures)
  • Cardboard can have an extreme rigidity as its thickness can be up to twice the wraparound cases one.
  • Its resistance to the top compression makes it suitable for packing flexible primary as pouches
  • much more than in any other secondary packaging. (Allowing twin pallet stacking)
  • Suitable for packing flexible primary pouches, bags, and flow packs due to top compression resistance

* Some of the items listed are optionals 

Technical especifications

rsc case SEALER Output Cases/minute Sealing System L (mm) W (mm) S (mm) H+S (mm)
T4200 Up to 15 cpm Tape 750 max
200 min
400 max
120 min
- -
C2500 HM Up to 40 cpm Hot Melt 600 max
240 min
400 max
160 min
160 max
80 min
500 max
200 min

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