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American box – Case Erector Machine

Automated case erectors

Mespack automatic carton erector machine can provide increased production and labor savings. It can erect up to 25 boxes per minute. It is compact in construction and totally coated, it features the best components of the market to keep its constructive details and great robustness.
If there is need to change format, it can be performed with Mespack’s tool-free system.

Packaging formats

Main standard features

  • Ability to optionally run cases with self-opening partitions inside
  • Continuous case turning conveyors supplied by demand
  • Damage-free cases due to pneumatically driven positive top folding flap device (case closer and sealer)
  • Exit sensors and photo-eyes used to check the cases
  • High efficiency due to a positive case unfolding via two independent vacuum cup grippers (case erectors)
  • HMI color touch display
  • Safety cabin according with CE regulations
  • Sealing via hot melt glutting for all speeds or tapes of low and medium yields
  • Standard equipment of folded magazine cases (configurable on demand)
  • Supply of stop-spacer conveyor belts

* Some of the items listed are optionals 

Technical especifications

MACHINE Output Cases/minute Format Max LxWxH (mm) Format Min LxWxH (mm) Sealing System
EF100 25 600X400X600 600 max
240 min
400 max
160 min

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