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The Plastic Pouches event is imminent, and once again, attendees will have the opportunity to visit the Mespack headquarters in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda. In addition to our new state-of-the-art innovations, visitors will enjoy an interesting experience: various workshops have been prepared for partners and customers of the packaging sector. During the off-site visit, you will be able to discover Mespack’s most recent advancements in sustainable packaging, including new IoT developments with live demonstrations. The visit will take place on the first afternoon of the event, March 21st (3 p.m. – 7 p.m.).

On-site, attendees will not only be able to view Mespack’s production and integration of various innovations, but also learn about new equipment processes and successful recycle-ready films that are currently available in the flexible packaging market. Furthermore, during the visit, guests will have the opportunity to meet key partners and customers of the flexible packaging industry; Mespack has designed the workshops in collaboration with them. Live demos of Mespack machines, along with the new concept of smart machines, which includes IoT, automations, and recyclable structures adaptability, will be the essence of the event.


15 h Arrivals and Welcome Placement

15.10 h Welcome

15.30 h Mespack Operational Capability

You will learn about the manufacturing processes of Mespack’s machines, from the reception parts, pre-assembling, electronic and mechanical assembly, and live factory acceptance testing.

Speakers: Xavier Piró (Project Manager at Mespack)

15.50 h Mespack: The New Era of Smart Machines

Acquire knowledge regarding the smart functions of Mespack’s machinery, which include: connectivity; Inside Athena (the digital platform that improves performance and productivity, while simultaneously reducing downtime); Advance maintenance (predictive and preventive maintenance); automatic systems that accelerate format and reel changeovers; and a new launch of Autopilot (the state-of-the-art technology that enables the machine to self-adjust the temperature and pressure parameters, in accordance with the type of recyclable film).

Speakers: Jaume Roquet (Solutions & Projects Director at Mespack), Adrià Mora (Athena Product Owner at Mespack)

16.10 h Market-Ready Recyclable Structures HFFS

Discover how Mespack, Amcor, and Menshen can assist you in regard to using mono material structures with a new spout solution. This innovation is able to achieve the machine speed of non-recyclable structures. We will explain a success story of the collaboration between Mespack, Amcor, and Menshen: a market-ready, real flexible packaging.

Speakers: Joan Serra (Project Manager at Mespack), Anna Martin (Field Technical Service Engineer at Amcor), Ruslan (Business Development Officer – Weldspouts at Menshen)

16.30 h Water Soluble Pods: A More Efficient and Recyclable Home Care Solution

We will explain our newly acquired competitive advantage as a result of the opportunity to integrate various technologies with a unique partner. With the assistance of MonoSol, our partner of water-soluble films, you will understand the performance capabilities of Mespack Hydroforma and the available solutions of this technology, in regard to the home care and food industries.

Speakers: Francisco Marco (Services Sales Manager at Mespack), Laurent Colliot (Senior Sales Manager EMEA at MonoSol) and Andrew Skinner (Senior Technical Engineer at MonoSol)

16.50 h Stick Pack Recyclable Structures

Due to the collaboration between Dow and Mespack, we are able to deliver a new structure to the market: recycle-ready mono material for coffee in stick packs (laminated on a metallized MDOPE film). You will not only learn about this new development but will also have the opportunity to view it with one of our testing vertical machines. The demonstration will be conducted at our innovation center, under the tutelage of the most experienced team.

Speakers: Victor Bogunyà (Sales Engineering Manager at Mespack), Martin Hill (Packaging and Specialty Plastics Technical Service and Development at Dow)

17.10 h Leap to Paper Structures

Learn how Mespack and Mondi can assist you in regard to using paper structures. Inside the Mespack Innovation Centre (MIC), and together with our customers and partners, acquire knowledge about our management testing of paper structures with Mespack’s horizontal machines; discover how you can employ the same process in your facility. We will explain a success story as a result of our collaboration with Mondi.

Speakers: Josep Molero (Realization Manager at Mespack)

17.30 h Co-creating Projects Giving a more Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Learn how Mespack and Hoffer are joining forces to co-create new state-of-the-art technology for FMCG which reduces flexible packaging material use by 46%. They have been working together to have more competitive edge in the market by giving a more environmentally friendly packaging, reducing the carbon footprint and guaranteeing the regulation and compliance of plastic taxes.

Speakers: Mike Werner (VP General Manager at Mespack US), Millie Nuno (Vice President of Sales at Hoffer Plastics Corporation)

17.50 h Evening Networking

18.50 h Closing

19.00 h Bus Departure

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